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Wecash was founded on April 2014. It is the FIRST Chinese startup using big data technologies to evaluate people’s credit and detect fraud. Its mission statement is to allow individuals get fast and easy access to financial services.

  • 2017.01 former Goldman Sachs, Citigroup executive Sean joined the Wecash
  • 2016.12, Wecash data open platform service calls more than 5 billion times
  • 2016.12, Wecash CEO Zhengchun finalists "financial technology leader list" ToP 20
  • 2016.11, Wecash was invited to provide a big data credit report for the Brazilian central bank
  • 2016.11, Wecash won the “2016 Deloitte - Huaxing China Star of the Year”
  • 2016.11, Wecash singular release of the first domestic social security intelligence analysis applications - Super Social Security Card
  • 2016.09, Wecash selected "KPMG China Financial Technology 50" list
  • 2016.04, Wecash signed a cooperation agreement with the World Bank Group members of the international financial company IFC
  • 2016.03, Wecash became the one of the first members of China Financial Technology Association
  • 2016.03, Wecash’s total users reached 45 million
  • 2016.01, Wecash started consumer finance business with over thousand of physical stores.
  • 2016.01, Wecash took part in the Innovation and Credit Conference
  • 2015.12, Wecash was invited to the credit conference host by China Central Bank
  • 2015.12, Wecash won the Star of Yiguan Award
  • 2015.12, Wecash was selected second time, as 50 Best Fintech Innovators by KPMG
  • 2015.07, Wecash won the distinguished award in China Financial Summit
  • 2015.05, Wecash ’s “O2O mobile industry report” published on TalkingData won multiple awards
  • 2015.02, Wecash received investment of $20 million from SIG (B Round)
  • 2015.01, World Bank and IFC officials visited Wecash
  • 2014.12, Wecash was selected as 50 Best Fintech Innovators by KPMG, only listed company in Asia
  • 2014.12, Wecash was awarded Baidu Mobile 2014“The Best APP of China”
  • 2014.09, Wecash was selected to be one of the Accenture Asia-Pacific Fintech Innovation Lab Company (the only company in mainland China)
  • 2014.09, Wecash Android version released
  • 2014.07, Wecash received investment of $6.6 million from IDG (A Round)
  • 2014.04, Wecash Beijing founded
  • 2014.04, Wecash IOS version released online
  • November, Wecash project established