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Wecash: Using technology to let farmers enjoy low interest rates

Relying on the technical support from Wecash, AgrPal for just one year, has completed the 12 billion credit


Wecash: Using technology to connect scenes and financial institutions

Wecash utilizes risk-management technology which is independent rese-archand development, and internet technology in seven fields


Former Goldman Sachs executives join Wecash: What is the strengthens of the financial techno-logy company?

Dr. Sean graduated from the University of Illinois and has been working as an executive at Cash America International, Citibank, Bank of Mont-rea, Goldman Sachs


Wecash won "Star of the Day" of the Deloitte

In just two years ,Wecash served more than 80 million users and the cumul-ative number of credit files up to 10 million


CEO Zhengchun of Wecash finalists "financial tech-nology leaders' list" TOP 20

Wecash has set up an Internet credit file for tens of millions of individual consumers, and the cumulative currency exchange is close to billions.


Wecash is invited to provide report with a big data for the Brazilian central bank

Wecash was invited to attend the meeting, and to share the Wecash in the field of Big data in the field of successful experience with the Brazi-lian central bank and Brazilian financial institutions.